Food Safety

Kansas Potatoes Ltd. is serious about the culture of agriculture. What we plant today is served on your table — and ours — tomorrow. That’s why we take food safety seriously.

Our food safety protocol goes beyond just the potato. We check everything from the fields, seeds and water to the equipment, employees, facilities and trucks.

Kansas Potatoes meets Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines, which helps verify our potatoes are produced and packed as safely as possible to minimize risks of food safety hazards.

To meet our own standards — and those of our customers — our facilities are inspected annually using Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards, which is an international benchmarking system for best practices in food safety.

Kansas Potatoes submits to an annual, voluntary audit using both GAP and GFSI-level standards. Complete audit results are available on request.

For more information, e-mail our food safety officer at or call (620) 995-4245.